violet_helix (violet_helix) wrote,

One for the books

I took vacation days on Friday and Monday because I felt like this was going to be a super busy weekend and I thought I'd need some extra time to fit everything in. WOW, was that ever a good call!

- caught up on some sleep
- brought the dog to the groomer
- hung out with rourkie and mintybunny
- went to dinner and drinks to meet an old friend's new love interest (I like him a lot, even though it looks like he's going to propose and whisk her away to Florida!)
- went back to rourkie and mintybunny's for more drinks, overindulged and spent the night on their super-comfy futon

- spent most of the afternoon recovering from afore mentioned overindulgence
- researched used cars online
- was taken out for my birthday dinner by stormsdotter, brianboz, srakkt, dda, miss_demeanor71, pickypenelope, intuition_ist, gentlescholar, kinnerc, mintybunny, rourkie, Luno, Tally, R and TDB. It was an amazing night filled with love, laughter and amazing friends! Thank you all! *hugs*

- went to Toyota of Watertown and bought a 2006 Toyota Corolla CE. I'm not good enough at haggling to know that I got the absolutely best deal possible, but my monthly payment will be less than I had budgeted for and it feels like a very sound, safe vehicle. I am satisfied with the transaction.
-back to rourkie and mintybunny's for a Superbowl party that I had been assured would consist solely of commercials and the Puppybowl. We actually ended up watching the entire second half of the game, which was exciting enough that I actually enjoyed it- even though I had pretty much no idea what was actually going on.

- went to my mother's to meet her new puppy, do some laundry and pick up the car deposit money she was holding for me (to keep me from spending it on frivolous things like food or rent)
- cleaned out the Little Red Deathbox
- picked up my lovely Corolla
- convinced Somerville T&P that, even though I didn't have the registration yet, the Corolla is mine and should be allowed to park in the city
- was taken out for a second birthday dinner by stitchlin and Hodgie. At the last minute, stitchinlin invited merena33 to come along so we could hang out, chat and get to know each other better.

This was one of those weekends when I am reminded how stupidly awesome my life has gotten!
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